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My Wife is Now (Almost) a Runner

Guest post: A while ago you may remember me writing about my wife not being a runner. Well it turns out I spoke too soon and she has successfully completed 2 runs in the past two weeks. Good for her I say. I have asked her to write a guest post on my blog – this is her account of the experience…

First things first. I AM NOT a runner. I decided this the minute I fulfilled my physical education requirement in high school. I was done with track & field, done with volleyball, done with basketball and floor hockey. I know what you’re thinking…but I am not and was not a large girl. I just didn’t enjoy the traditional gym class sports. My body favored a more delicate sport. Figure skating, dancing, yoga, pilates and the like. So I told myself. And to this day, those beliefs stuck.

Until, two weeks ago when my good friend decided to jump start her post baby weight loss with running. Can you help me, she said. Can you run with me?

My first run effectively defeated me. It was a warm day. My lululemon pants and I made it through a grueling 20 minutes of 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking. And after it was done I couldn’t decide if my shins & inner thighs or my chest hurt more…my chest won out (way too obvious joke) and I spent the day wanting to vomit. Runners are crazy I thought. How do people do this?

But, as the days past, I found I had the urge to pound the pavement again. Such a strange feeling. Fight it, I told myself. Don’t do it, it’s not your thing. But the run day came and out I went. And as I ran faster, and as I ran longer, my resolve was dwindling. Maybe I could be a runner. Maybe a decade old fear of P.E. could finally be kicked to the curb. Running, it seems, isn’t just for the tough girls. Running could be, in fact, for me!

Just don’t get me started on floor hockey. I am not a floor hockey player.

To be continued…..

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Posted by The Running Guy - September 22, 2007 at 3:12 pm

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