How to Drag Yourself Into Running Each Morning

An early morning run is one of the most difficult things one can do. The discipline required to do it every day is beyond the capability of many. New runners just going into the sport will find this very true. They often run out of will power well before getting results out of their running goals.

The goal of this article is to help those runners who cannot overcome the barriers of running each morning. It is the hope of the author that the following points will help the reader have a more effective strategy in consistently running each morning.


As with everything else, running in the morning starts long before you actually hit the road. Your vision the night will greatly help you in getting out of bed and not drum up excuses for not running the morning after. Try to just see yourself running on the path you normally take or plan to take.

Make sure that in your mind you recreate the scene as if shot but a movie camera. Take note of the road posts, the smell of the dew -laced grass, the cold breeze hitting your face and more. Details are extremely important. Doing so will help you tremendously the morning after.

“There ain’t nothing to it but doing it!”

A famous quote from record Mr. Olympia title holder, Ronnie Coleman. There simply is no time to think. As soon as you wake up do your routine and go running. There is no decision to be made that morning whether you will run or not. The decision has been made when you thought about how you could accomplish your fitness goals through running.

When you wake up, run. It is that simple. The human mind will conjure up the decision making analysis to force you to not run. Because you are smarter than your instincts you know that you just have to do it that very instant.

Wake Up While Running

While your mind is still cloudy and has not woken up 100% it is the best time to start walking. This prevents your mind from telling you that it is hard to run and your body would rather rest. Try not to run full speed though if you have not truly woken up.

Your leg muscles might be still asleep along with your mind. So it is important to start slow and when you are fully awake gear up to full speed. This all but eliminates the time for you to decide whether you run or not.

These three points should help every runner in being consistent with their running regimen. It is not easy but nothing in life worth getting is easy to get at all. So remember these things next time you plan to run and you will not have to drag yourself out to run each morning anymore.

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