Running Vs Walking – Which is Better?

Exercising is truly one of the things which people consider to do in order to maintain their health. Through time, people have always been debating on which is the better exercise. Some people think that running will give you more benefits over walking and vice versa. If you really want to know, there is no right or wrong answer. Both of these exercises work effectively for the people, depending on who will be doing the exercise.

Running easily burns calories with the speed at which you are going. Running for at least 20 minutes will burn you the same calories as when you are walking for an hour or so. Although this may seem to be the case, it does not mean that running is the exercise which you should choose.

It involves high impact movements which mean that you need to be very careful when you jog especially if you have sore joints or is easily injured. Chances are that when you run, you will only risk hurting yourself. This is why you may need to try walking instead. Brisk walking will be a better alternative if you want t o burn the same calories as you do when you run.

On the other hand, you can alternate running with walking which can give you a combined benefit of both exercises. Since both of them do benefit you in a different way, this is a great option that you might need to take. Take note that when you do run, you should maintain your pace and do not slow down.

No matter which exercise you choose, or if you might choose to do both, it will be beneficial for you. Remember to start slow and do not go ahead and run 3 miles when you are starting. You need to build up on your exercise and this is the best way in which you can do it.

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