Calories Burned While Running – How Much Fat is Burned During Running and Sprinting?

Running is the best way to burn fat. Calories burned during running are quite higher than any other exercise. The whole process creates enough metabolism in your body and stimulates fat burning. It not only helps your body to burn calories but also prevents from diabetes and heart diseases. It supplies more oxygen to your body and maintains your blood circulation too.

The whole process is quite helpful for your overall health. Obesity is also caused due to stress and we can get rid of this problem by running. Our mental health is also enhanced. Sprinting can be little strenuous for your body if you are not an athlete because it involves more energy than jogging and burn more calories as compared to former one. It is speedy, short and more effective in terms of weight loss. Calories burned in a body mostly depends on various factors like intensity, metabolism rate, energy levels and also the weight of your body. Usually sprinting burn fat easily as high energy and intensity used during this process.

How Much Fat Is Burned During Running And Sprinting?

If we make a calorie count while running and sprinting, it seems to be higher than any other sports. It can burn up to 1267 calories per hour. There are different forms of running like cross country, jogging, sprinting etc. They all have different intensities and abilities to burn fat. The simplest form of running is jogging which is mostly preferred for weight loss.

One should start with jogging because it is less strenuous than sprinting or cross-country. Jogging can burn up to 700 calories in an hour thereby burn fats from the body. It is always advisable to wear good running shoes in order to avoid injuries. You should drink enough water after this cardio workout in order to stay hydrated which helps in effective weight loss.

Inefficiency of metabolism is the prime cause for weight gain. The next step is to increase the metabolic rate to burn fat naturally.

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