3 Mistakes Runners Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Long distance running and marathons are some of the most popular fitness activities in the world. In my home town of Singapore where I conduct personal training, there is huge participation in marathons and road races. Running and marathons are simple, do not cost much and can be done almost anywhere.

However they do have their dangers. They can be tough on the joints especially if you are untrained or overweight. They are also hard on your lower back and too much mileage can be bad for your hormones, weight loss, fat loss and stress levels.

Here are 3 mistakes marathoners and long distance runners make when planning and organizing their training,.

1. Mistake number one is not doing enough strength training. Doing a good strength training program under a good personal trainer or sport performance expert will help your run better, more efficiently, faster and with lower chance of injury. You need to get stronger in your glutes, back, and hamstrings to help your performance, posture and resistance to injury.
2. Not correcting functional problems or past injuries. Runners tend to love running even when it hurts. Runners tend to train through injury rather than fix the root cause of them. They put on guards and wraps of all kinds but these do not correct fundamental problems. Worse still injuries cause compensation in other parts of the body. This causes the other parts to be overused and eventually they get injured as well. See a good physical therapist, personal trainer or performance coach who knows how to diagnose and fix movement problems.
3. Not taking care of their nutrition is another mistake that marathoners and long distance runners make. The problem here is that many people use running to “burn off” calories. Too often these calories come from bad sources like highly refined foods and unhealthy fats. In general I find long distance athletes do not take as much care of their nutrition as power sport athletes like weight lifters or track and field throwers. So take care of your nutrition and watch your progress go up.

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