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Nutrition For Runners – 3 Basic Guidelines

Do you want to reach your full potential as a runner? Do you want to feel strong and energized during and after your run?

Proper nutrition is vital to your success as a runner. Don’t neglect these basic guidelines:

1. WATER – Make sure that you are remaining hydrated throughout the day. The minimal water requirement for the average person is 64oz. I recommend at least 80oz for runners. Plan to drink during your run if you are running longer than 30 minutes. If you are running longer than an hour you will need to replace electrolytes and some carbohydrates too, so consider a sports drink for your long runs. Headaches, fatigue and dizziness may be signs of dehydration.

2. MACRONUTRIENTS – Be mindful of your carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. The quality of these macronutrients will directly affect the quality of your running. Carbohydrates are your fuel source. You need to have adequate fuel before you run and then you need to replenish these fuel stores post run too. Choose complex carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes or rice. Limit fiber in your meals leading up to your run to avoid gastrointestinal distress. Adequate protein is essential for recovery and repair. I recommend at least 70g daily. Quality protein choices include lean meat, eggs, soy, low fat dairy, whey, legumes and fish. Remember to include protein in your post run meal. Runners can follow a low fat diet, but be sure to include sources of omega fatty acids. Good fats include nuts, avocado, olive oil and salmon.

3. MICRONUTRIENTS – We all know that we should take a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement, but as a runner this is non-negotiable. Runners have greater nutritional needs than the average person. In fact, runners need to take supplementation more seriously. When you run you loose minerals through sweat so supplement calcium, magnesium, iron, etc accordingly. Your body is also working hard to repair and build tissue so additional vitamins are needed to help these processes. As research continues to highlight the roles and benefits of various antioxidants, be mindful to include a variety of these in your diet. The best way is to eat a variety and fruits and vegetables every day. Runners benefit especially from all berries and also the superfruits because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

To be the best runner you can be, be aware of your nutritional needs. Eat and drink with purpose. You will feel healthier and run stronger!

Happy Running!

Brigitte Spurgeon is a Certified Running Coach and Endurance Runner in Raleigh, NC.
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Tips on How to Train For a 5K

Running is one of the most efficient ways to get in shape since it involves almost no equipment, especially if you are running for fun or personal fitness reasons. You can run anywhere at any time you like. Running 5k is something that is easy to achieve, especially if you follow a strategy and the right way to do it.

5k is one of those races that the most you run it the more comfortable you feel. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t sound scary, as most of the other distances, like the marathon or 15k. That is why most people prefer starting with 5k when running to keep in a good shape, or because their doctor suggested so, in an effort to lose weight, or deal efficiently with certain diseases and health issues. In any case though, running is a physical activity that is relatively intense and should not be considered as something unimportant or easy to do, because it could lead to sprains and injuries, or even heart and breathing problems.

Beginners and people who don’t have a history of jogging or exercising should consult with a trainer, who can make them a customized program that fits their particular needs and requirements. It is very important to follow the instructions of an expert, because these people have trained people of all kinds in their life and have dealt even with the weirdest conditions.

If you don’t feel though like hiring a person you can find one of the numerous guides for running 5k that exist, which are also written by professionals and can give you a valuable insight on how to run efficiently without getting too tired and without injuring yourself.

The most efficient training program is the one that will make you feel really comfortable and will be close to your habits and abilities. Do not buy something that aims to people who are avid runners or potential race competitors because you are most likely to fail. Keep in mind that running a 5k will be the result of efforts and exercising and will be most likely to happen after a couple of months.

If you want to achieve your goals, stick to the training schedule and organize yourself as much as possible. It is important to do so because skipping any steps, no matter how good and confident you might feel, can prove a daunting experience, letting you back in any sense.

Most 5k programs are based on the idea of training in proportion, setting small goals that you need to reach. 1k for 10 days, 2k later and so on. Follow the exact guidelines and it is most certain that you will manage to tame the 5k race within a reasonable time, without exhausting yourself.

Running is not just an exercise, it’s a lifestyle. Keep running and visit!

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Ten Running Resolutions For the New Year

I have been running off and on now since I joined the high school cross country team when I was 13 years old. During the off seasons in high school and college, I really didn’t run much. Now I am over ten years removed from my college running days, and I have to really work hard to find time to run.

Every year one of my New Years Resolutions has to do with running. Some years have been more successful than others. I was a great success in 2008. Why? Well, I set some smart goals and stuck to them. This year, I am going to do even better, and so can you.

Here are ten great ideas to help you stick to your running resolution.

1. Get a running buddy. There is strength in numbers, and what a great way to get in shape. You can share your experiences with a friend. Nothing is more motivating than knowing your friend is waiting for you to workout.

2. Join a running club. This is similar to the previous tip, but you can end up with numerous workout partners. In addition to running more, you can develop some friendships that could last a lifetime. My best friend is a teammate of mine from high school cross country. Another running friend I have is my wife. We met when I coached cross country on the boys team, and she was a coach for the girls.

3. Enter in some races. It always helps to have a race looming in the future to keep you motivated. I think the best way to enter in races is to find ones that have cool routes. Find some races and put them on your calendar. I live in Wisconsin, and a friend of mine entered in three races last year. One finished in Miller Park, the Brewers baseball field. The second finished in Camp Randall, the Wisconsin Badgers football field, and the final race finished on Lambeau Field, the Packers football field.

4. Become a coach. I coach cross country because I love the sport, and because I can run with the kids. I don’t have to worry about motivating myself to run when practice is scheduled every school day.

5. Make sure you have time in your schedule for running. Always plan your workouts. Make them a priority. This way, no matter what comes up, you will always have time to run.

6. Set smart goals. Don’t plan on setting any world records. Have an ultimate goal like, “I will run a half-marathon in November.” Make this a possibility by setting smart goals every week such as, “I will run four times this week.” Make sure you make 52 smart goals, one new one for every week.

7. Get a dog that likes to run. There are dog breeds out there that like to run a couple miles a day. How could you resist the sad puppy dog eyes of your best friend wanting to go out for a jog. Make sure you have a dog breed that likes to run though. Don’t force your basset hound into a four miler.

8. Run first thing in the morning. If you plan on running right away, nothing can interfere with your workout. Stuff always comes up later in the day to stop your workout, but not if it is before work.

9. Find great places to run. Look for state parks, trails that go by famous landmarks, or even go on exploratory runs to find new routes.

10. Make it fun! Run with a silly hat on. Run with your camera and take pictures of the things you see along the way. Run to the store and back. Chase your kids around the house. Ring your friend’s doorbell and run.

I hope you found some good ideas here to help you stick to your running resolution. Maybe I’ll see you out there running this year. Please, just don’t ring my doorbell. Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading. Check out for any of your running questions or needs. Check for beginner running information at if you are looking for a great way to start running. It’s a New Year. You can do it!

Take care – David Tiefenthaler

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