Running and Fat Loss Diet Tips!

Ask anyone who has tried to lose weight by using a running and fat loss plan and you will be told that it indeed works very well. Running is one of the best exercises to promote high speed fat loss in both men and women. Another benefit to this type of diet program is that it can be done with little or no expense involved, all you need is a place to run (your neighborhood, a local track) and a pair of good running shoes.

If you have no medical conditions preventing you from starting a weight loss program using running as the primary exercise to burn calories then the sooner you start the sooner you will see some results. The slenderizing that you will see should motivate you to continue until you reach your slimming down goal.

The best part about running is that you do not have to run a long distance at a slow pace. Research has proven that doing interval running can burn as much at three times the fat as a long, slow run will. All you have to do for this additional calorie burn is run for a set time and then walk and then run again for the time that you set. A good plan for beginners is to run for 45 seconds and then walk for sixty seconds. Do at least five repetitions (reps) of this interval plan. You’ll need to do this workout at least three times per week for six weeks to get the maximum results. This type of running causes you to have powerful bursts of energy that rapidly burn calories and then give you a cool down period before you repeat the process.

Using this easy and inexpensive plan you can significantly reduce your weight and also have improvements in the size of your hips and waist. Once you are cleared by your Doctor to start running put this simple and effective plan to use and see for yourself that running and fat loss diets promote rapid and safe weight reduction.

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