Fat Runners Get Personal

Some of us fat runners have a continuous battle we fight and that is the battle of the bulge. We take running seriously and at one time may have been a very competitive runner. However, if you are like me, you may have been athletic most of your life, but circumstances and life itself has changed the formula a little. I think the constant variable is the spare tire around my waist that Good-Year lost.

For me it was my wife’s wonderful cooking, a couple of rounds with the doctor cutting my back with a knife, with the last time leaving an artificial disc implant at L5-S1. Oh, and a bought with Graves Disease.

It is my belief that there should be more resources out there for people like some of us. There are people who love the sport of running, but are no longer competitive due to our weight and build. There are several 200+ pound runners out there, but no real resources for us. Remember back when road races had heavyweight classes for folks over 200 pounds? I do and I remember some of these people actually running sub 18:00 for the 5K.

It is my belief that with society today, we find the easy way out of things and follow the path of least resistance. I know I do at times. However, nothing in life is really easy and always comes with work, either on the front end or backend. For some of us, we take it at both ends. Fat runners need each other for running partners, motivation and morale support. There are places to find fat runners on the World Wide Web and all one has to do is search for terms like “running fat” or “running fat gets personal”

The bottom line is that you are not alone and some of us are willing to share, so come join us.

That said, I would love for you to share any comments you may have for this article. If you tried a
workout, meal or anything else you find, let me know what you think. Was it good? Did it stink? Please share, your comments are welcome.

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