Running Physique – The Myth Of The Perfect Runner’s Body

Have you ever heard the description “skinny little runner”? Don’t those words just seem to go together? Well, if you’ve ever watched a marathon or other distance event live or on television, you know that description is not always accurate.

There is no such thing as the “perfect runner’s body.” Runners come in all shapes and sizes. Too many women (and men) believe that “thin is in” or that really good or serious runners have to be skinny to be fast. It is simply a stereotype – being fit doesn’t always equate with a stick thin body.

There’s more to being a good runner than being skinny. Here are three components that make up the Strong, Healthy Runner’s Body:

Proper Nutrition. Being a good runner is about being healthy. You can’t fuel your workouts on a few celery sticks and a cup of dry rice. You would never dream of trying to “run” your car with no gas. Your body is the same – you must have fuel to “run” your body.

Strong Muscles. Being a good runner is about being strong. We all have different body types, but we can all strengthen what we have. Doing simple strength building exercises will not only make you a stronger, better runner, but also build muscle and reduce fat. Many great runners are small and compact, rather than tall and skinny.

Cross Training. Activities other than running can help develop other muscle groups, which leads to overall fitness. Runners often neglect their upper bodies. Swimming, biking, rowing, cross-country skiing – all these activities can contribute to a strong, healthy body.

I can relate to those of you who sometimes feel ambivalent about your bodies. I am small and compact, but I’ll never think of myself as “skinny.” I simply work with what I have. We can’t compare ourselves to others – we’ll never come out even. We’re not competing against other people – really. We are running against the clock.

You should learn to love your body – whatever the size and shape – and to relate to it with gratitude and respect.

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