10K Run and Saving for a Kick

Many long-distance runners and enthusiasts will go to a 10K competition to see how they can do in their age categories and they also want to do a good showing for family and friends and test out all their training and see how they do. This makes a lot of sense, as if you are going to run everyday and train for such then you want to put in a good run.

It is rather evident when watching these runners do their Saturday 10K that they will hold back a little in the middle of their run and then save some for the last mile or half mile and some even the last quarter mile so they can come striding in and looking good to their family and friends.

Sure, I guess I understand that and yet it seems to me that if they would concentrate on running the middle of the race hard they would be passing others along the way and get themselves into a stronger pace and surely complete the 10K with a much better time in the end.

If you are going to run a 10K and you truly want to post the fastest possible time and perhaps win you age category or post your personal best then you need to stop trying to save your energy for the kick at the end and concentrate on the middle of the race.

It is only 6.2 miles and you are only out there for a half an hour or more, so you need to work very hard to strengthen your stride and then you will post a much better time you can be proud of and take home some hardware (trophy), which will in the end make you much better and make you much happier. Consider all this in 2006.

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