What Do You Listen to When You Run?

Here is a little experiment for your next run when you are running in an area that is frequented by many runners. Do a little count of how many people have headphones in their ears and are listening to an iPod or other music device. I did this last Monday and approximately 75% of runners and walkers had one on. That is amazing – what did people used to do before mp3 players – or the old Sony Walkman tape players for that matter?

I run with my iPod every time I head out. I enjoy it because of the escape I get from it. It also lets me pass the time as we all know that sometimes it can get lonely out there. I am not always an active listener to what I am hearing because I may be thinking about how to go about something I have been trying to figure out for some time.

I often wonder what it is runners are listening to. I thought I should ask my readers to tell me. Please use the comment to tell me what you most often listen to – I personally hope to get some listening ideas from you.

What do I listen to you might be asking? It varies a bit, but here is an overview:

1. Podcast: This Week in Tech
2. Podcast:: Macbreak Weekly
3. Anything Metallica
4. Bright Eyes – the number 4 spot can change a lot, depending on my mood (anything from Slayer to John Denver)

That is mine – now show me yours in the comments.