What a Crap Week – No Runs Were Completed

I had a bad running week and there were two reasons for it. First, was the bit of a hip problem that seemed to have reared its ugly hip. I had this slow throbbing pain in my hip joint that would not go away. When I tried to run, it was worse.

The second reason was work was getting in the way of a lot of what I wanted to do this week, especially running. Given, I would not have been able to run anyway, but looking back it would not have happened anyway – I guess I picked a good week to be injured. This was one of those weeks where I was back-to-back meetings, every time I got to my desk I had another 10 voice mails and 20-30 emails. Everyone wanted something from me. I take comfort in the fact that I suspect I do my job well and people feel comfortable come to me for help.

Next week I am going to start fresh and begin a 5-k training program. The run I was going to do in September is not going to happen as I need to be somewhere else that weekend (wow – it seems I am making a lot of excuses in this post). I have not trained for a 5-K in a long time so it should be a nice change of pace, pardon the pun.