Running Through The First Mile “Struggle” to Hit Your Running Groove

Running Through the First Mile Struggle

There is one thing all runners have in common. That thing is the initial struggle and uncomfortable feeling we all get during the first few minutes or mile(s) into the run before we hit our running groove. You know the feeling, you head out the door and you legs feel like they are 150 pounds each, you heart rate spikes, and your breathing is labored. Not the most comfortable feeling in the world! Sometimes it is amazing that any of us run through it.

I know I am making some broad generalizations here that everyone goes through the same feelings. I know this is not the case. In my conversations with other runners, I have found that everyone experiences something different. Most interesting is the distance or time that each runner needs to get through before they hit the “groove”. Some runners found that it was at about the mile point when they felt better, other said it was more at the 15 minute point, regardless of their pace on that day. For me, I find that it is the 10 minute mark when I usually hit my groove.

I would like to hear from you on when you hit your running groove. Please use the comments to let me know.