Changing Upcoming Running Workout at the Last Minute

I had an interesting situation come up on Monday. I had planned a pretty extensive workout for my lunch hour and was looking forward to it. However, on this particular day it was raining out (not sprinkling, full on raining) and I had a very full day in meetings. My plan was to head out at 11:30 so I would be back for a meeting at 1:00.

11:30 came and it was pouring out. I resigned myself that I would need to force my run in at home after work, which was not ideal since I had some important family commitments. Shoot forward 15 minutes and out of the corner of my eye I see some sun peeking out and the rain has stopped. I now have a decision to make – do I adjust my run so I can get the run in at lunch or wait?

I actually struggled with it for a couple of seconds but decided to do the run. My hesitation was the reduced workout that I would need to do as result of the limited time. I am pretty committed to doing my full runs so a change is a bit stressful. However I became comfortable because I knew it would be less of a impact to run at lunch than adjusting things with my family in the evening.

In the end I didn’t need to adjust the run too much. It was a speed workout so I altered my warm up and cool down time and took one speed repetition off. It was actually a great workout. I met my pace goals and I was very happy to have got the run in.

The morale of the story for me was that sometimes it is ok to adjust a workout plan. The impact on an overall training program in terms of fitness is negligible. As long as I am not changing every run at the last minute I will no longer stress about these minor tweaks.