When Not to Run

I love to run. There is nothing better than the feeling of being in the open air and getting the heart rate up, with nothing but your thoughts (or iPod) to keep you company. In fact, my love for running can have a down side. There are times when a runner shouldn’t run, but at first thought I struggled to identify them. However, I was determined to list a few…

So, for fear of sounding too negative, I have listed some times when it is not a good idea to get that run in, no matter how much you want to:

1. You have an injury
2. You have not eaten properly before heading out (see this article)
3. You have not spent any time with your kids on that day
4. You have not spent any time with your spouse
5. It is a torrential downpour, with lightening
6. There is a wicked ice fog making all sidewalks, paths, and roads like a skating rink
7. You just ate a lot of refried beans
8. Your can see through the soles of your only pair of running shoes
9. It is so hot out that you are sweating even before your run
10. Your wife just gave you the wink wink nudge nudge (this one only works for guys)

That is all I came up with. I would love to add to this list but need your help. Please use the comments to provide me with additions to this list – serious or not!