Running at Lunch – My Fitness Schedule

For those of us corporate slaves who work downtown in large buildings with phones and requests for assistance that never stops coming, one of the best ways to break up the day is a run at lunch. I know this is popular because the trail I run in Calgary during a normal lunch hour period can get pretty busy. Seems there are many people who find this time therapeutic and just a good time to get the run in.

If you have been reading my blog for a bit now, you will know that I often have trouble getting runs in due to work and family commitments. However, being the dedicated runner that I am, I feel guilty if I cannot get to that next run. Evenings only work about once a week, weekends can be difficult as we are family that is constantly out and about, and I try to start work pretty early in the morning so to get a run in could mean a 4:30 am wake up – I love running but I love sleep too! I have run to work in the morning, and have made the 10 mile run to work, but by the time the afternoon rolls around it is tough to keep focused on work. This pretty much leaves lunch time as the next best alternative.

Running at lunch has some good benefits:
* Breaks up the day
* Allows your mind to refresh – nothing clears out stress like a good 6 miler
* If you run with someone, it can be a good time to socialize
* In the summer, it is nice to enjoy the sun and break free from the 50 story building you work in
* You don’t eat as much at lunch (this is true for me – I have never asked others if this is the case)

So with running working well, I thought it would be interesting to display my overall training schedule. I use the FIRST training methodology which prescribes 3 key runs per week and 2 cross-training sessions:

Monday: Key Run #1 – Evening – Speed work
Tuesday: Cross-Train # 1 – Bike to and from work – 10 miles each way
Wednesday: Key Run #2 – Lunch – Tempo run
Thursday: Cross-Train # 2 – Bike to and from work – 10 miles each way
Friday: Key Run #3 – Lunch – Long run

I am sure I will need to adjust this as goals and life changes – but this is what is working now.