Started Training for the Next Race – 10-K

I am actively trying to secure a bib for the Melissa’s Road Race being held in Banff, Alberta on September 22, 2007. I missed the deadline way back in February to register and this one fills up super fast. I have done it for the past two years (10-K the first year and Half-Marathon the second) and always have fun. We run through the Rocky Mountains – it is a gorgeous run with a real good group (1000’s) of people. If you know of anyone who has to give up their bib, let me know!

I have 9 weeks to train for this one. I am using the FIRST methodology of training for this which incorporates 3 key runs and 2 cross training days. I came across it first in Runner’s World magazine and then bought the book, Runner’s World Run Less, Run Faster. One run includes speed work, 1 run is a long run, and 1 run is a temp run. It really breaks up the runs into specific goals.

Key Run #1 is the speed run and will usually include something like a 10 minute warm up run, followed by some repeats such as a 400 meter (with 400 meter rest, a 600 meter (with 400 meter rest), and a 800 meter (with a 400 meter rest). These runs are meant to be run at a pace dictated by your 5-K time. It is laid out very well in the book. If it sounds like a lot of work remembering what you are supposed to run, my Garmin Forerunner 305has really come in handy as I can upload the workouts into the watch and it takes me through the workout.

I will keep on posting the progress on the training over the next 9 weeks. Please ensure you use the comments to provide feedback and to let me know who is reading!