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My Marathon Training = Half-Marathon Training

For those of you who have been following my progress as I train for a marathon may have noticed the real scarcity of posts concerning this training. Truth is that my life has been way too hectic and I have not been able to do the required training. The long runs on Sundays were next to impossible to get in – it was not fair to my wife and kids, who I don’t see much during the week due to work anyway – to head out for 2.5+ hour runs. The volume of the weekday runs were equally hard. Don’t get me wrong, my wife is the most supportive wife in the world – it was my guilt that was the issue.

This lead me to making a pretty tough decision – I have decided to pull out of the full marathon and have re-registered in the half-marathon. The funny thing is that it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was constantly stressing about being ready for the marathon and not getting the good quality runs is was have an impact on my well-being. I am a pretty passionate guy and things like this affect me greatly. I now feel revitalized and am enjoying running again as the runs are manageable. As I wrote about awhile ago, I have been incorporating my runs and cross-training into my regular daily activity of commuting to work and it is working. The biking has given me much stronger legs and my running speed is improving. I have also been following the training methodology presented in the book, Run Less, Run Faster, which has me running 3 days a week as well as cross-training another 2. This fits nicely in my schedule. I encourage you to check it out if you are looking for a different way to train.

Days to Half-Marathon: 20

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Keep On Running – How To Stay Motivated

Do you like to run but find excuses not to? Is it too hot? Too cold? Too wet? Too much hassle to get out? We all have our favorite excuses for not getting out, don’t we? So how do you stay motivated?

Keep a training log A running log can allow you to plot your routes and record your training runs. You’ll be impressed when you see your times and weight come down and your speed and fitness go up. Tracking your progress over several weeks and months is great motivation. There is nothing like breaking your personal bests! Once you build up a history of training times you’ll be able to see how you perform on different sectors. Again you’ll be uplifted by improving on a sector record. You can also identify which sectors are your slowest. Work to improve them and see that improvement reflected over time in your running diary.

Enter a race There is nothing like signing up for a race to get you out training. Set yourself a target of racing 2, 3 or even 6 months down the line and work towards that race. Intersperse your training with other races to break up the routine of training. If you are aiming to run a half marathon, schedule a 10k. If you’ve never been in a race before try one of the big city events where you’ll be wowed by the whole experience.

Use different routes Don’t choose the same old route and distance time after time. Run different distances on different terrain. Vary the scenery that you see. Be inspired by running near a river, through woods or past magnificent buildings. Enter races in places you’ve never visited but have always wished to see – make a weekend of it!

Cross train Build in other exercises to ease any strain on your body or mind. Listen to your body. If you feel tired or achy try something different. Swimming is excellent exercise as there is no impact on your muscles or joints. Even walking a few miles at a brisk pace can be effective as part of your training program.

Run with friends If you run with a friend or group of friends you’ll feel guilty about letting them down. You won’t want to wimp out! You’ll also have the benefit, of course, of being able to chat with your training partner as you run.

Above all enjoy yourself!

Try – the running log that calculates your fitness factor for virtual race challenges

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