My Marathon Training – At Week 11

My training has not been consistent in the past few weeks. My family and I took a trip to Disneyworld and I did not get any runs in – however we did get a lot of walking in so I can’t call it complete wash however I have to say I am no more ready for my marathon than I was before. For the week back, I got a couple of my runs in but not the long ones that I should have. Oh well, rather than dwell on it I have a plan going forward.

I have a young family and all the pressures on time that a young family brings with it – soccer, a wife at home with the kids that needs me as much as possible during the weekends in order to remain sane, lawn and yard work, a social life, work, etc. – that makes it difficult to get all my runs in. I have read, as we all have that you need to make time to do the runs no matter what. I think we all know how that works – family is more important than even running. So, I was thinking how I could make it work. The thing that comes to mind is incorporating my training with something I do every day…commute to work. The distance from my home to the office is about 13 miles which is a great distance for biking and will also be a pretty good long distance for my long runs. I will need to up it a bit by running further on some of the longer days as the Hal Higdon program dictates, but I think I can make it work. So I am going to give this a try of the next few weeks as I prep for the marathon. Of course, I will update my progress as I go.

Here are my running stats for Week 9 – 11:

Date: April 29- May 19, 2007
Days until race: 47
Weekly Mileage: 12 miles
Weekly Average Pace: N/A