My Marathon Training – Week 8 Complete

I started out on my 13 mile run today and at about 0.5 miles I felt something in my knee that wasn’t good – it hurt. The funny thing was it hurt only while running and was ok while walking. Fast forward a couple of hours later and things feel ok but not perfect. So, I did not get my long run in today and I am pretty upset about it. What are you going to do. I have a plan though. As I am off from work on Wednesday prior to leaving on vacation for a week, I will do the 2 hour run then. That should at least keep my miles up. Next week will be another story however – I will get to that in my next report!

Here are my running stats for Week 8:

Date: April 22- 28, 2007
Days until race: 69
Weekly Mileage: 24.05 miles
Weekly Average Pace: 10.30