My Marathon Training – Week 2 Complete

Today was a good run but I am totally sick of running in cold and snow. It was only about -2 C today and it was raining / snowing again. I just want the snow and cold to be done with!! Anyway, I finished this week with a good 7 mile run and things feel like they are clicking again – my form feels more fluid and it is no longer a slog to get through the runs. I look forward to getting out and running again. There was a period there – I was burned out – where running was a chore and it took all my motivation to get my butt out there. No more – bring it on.

Here are my running stats for Week 2

Date: March 11 – 17, 2007
Days until race: 111
Weekly Mileage: 15.09 miles
Weekly Average Pace: 10.48