How To Improve Your Running In Three Easy Steps

In this article how to improve your running in three easy steps, I’m going to lay out three things you can incorporate into your running program that will improve your running.

However that is not all, they will also help keep you injury free.

Let’s get started!

Everything starts with your core, so they first step in our how to improve your running program will begin here.

Now most people think the core is nothing more than the six pack muscles, the ones everyone wants to have so they can show them off and the beach.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You might be surprise that your core is made up of the rectus abdominis, external oblique, transversus abdominis, and the internal oblique.

The core is very important for a multitude of reasons, which is why it is included in our how to improve your running program, but the one I want to talk about is this:

Think about a time when you wanted that final kick for a sprint, so you dig in and start pumping giving it all you’ve got.

What happens?

Chances are you’ll start driving with your arms as well. Now how do you think all that power in your upper body will get down to your legs—by going through your abs—so if your abs are not strong a lot of that power will not be transferred.

Come back a month later with stronger abs and try that sprint again—you’ll see the difference.

Books have been written on ab work, but really it is simple, just about anything you do, from dead lifts, to over head presses work the abs.

Not to mention the traditional favorites, crunches and leg raises.

One last word on the abs, if you’ve been neglecting them, please don’t go hog wild on them, you won’t be able to do anything tomorrow!

The next step in our how to improve your running program is your posterior chain.

Basically the posterior chain is in our how to improve your running program is because those muscles, the butt and hamstrings and I’m going to put the lower back in this group as well, are muscles that almost no one works on a regular basis.

Sure you use them in your running, but (pardon the pun) how many times have your trained them for strength?

Strengthening these muscles will make your running easier by taking some of the strain off your thighs. Which over time can help prevent injuries.

Two of the best exercises for working these muscles are the good morning and the reverse hyper exercise.

If you work these two exercises hard I guarantee you’ll see stronger butt, hamstrings, and lower back muscles.

Next up in our how to improve your running program is the upper back.

The reason being is that keeping your upper back strong will help you keep an upright posture not only in your running, but in your work and personal life as well.

As a side benefit when your arms start pumping that extra upper back power won’t go to waste.

Two of the best exercises to work the upper back are the shrug either with a barbell or dumbbell and the over head press with dumbbells (I chose dumbbells for this exercise, because it is easier on the shoulders, however you can do the overhead press with a barbell if you want to do them that way.)

I would be re miss if I did not include the bent over row, with either a barbell or dumbbells as this exercise is really great for working the middle back—so as not to develop a muscular imbalance in the back muscles.

Before I end this article I would like to point out that while, how to improve your running in three easy steps, is a great place to start for improving your running it is only that—a start.

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