Running Nutrition Tips

Running nutrition is essential before an athlete or a routine-bound runner starts engaging on a fast-paced activity like marathon training, it is always important to make sure the body is in good condition with enough energy and endurance resources to overcome obstacles and meet daily goals. Without the proper diet and running nutrition, our body won’t be at its best fit to achieve what it needs to do. A runner should be knowledgeable about his diet and food intake; after all, our body is still our main foundation for any physical activities. The things mentioned here will help you realize to correct our diet intake on the right time for your running nutrition. This will help you make your own ideal diet and contribute to the development of your body weight. When you have accumulated all these running nutrition ideas, it will ensure the good output of your health before, during and after your workouts.

Carbohydrates or carbs as how it’s simply known is the main source of our body’s energy. Glucose is the sugar component that carbs produce and it’s essential to our muscles. The stored carbs in our muscles is called glycogen. This helps us achieve and execute our daily tasks properly. Best sources of carbs are vegetables, bread, cereals, pastas and potatos.

Protein is also vital for the body since we consume our strength through daily physical activities. Our body needs to repair itself and regain the loss strength by the previous task. To maintain protein in our body, meat, eggs, nuts and beans are the best sources we need to take.

Fuel yourself with sufficient water everyday or even before and after training. It is best to maximize your water intake since our body is ¾ water composed. Since running consumes most of your energy and water supply, it is advisable to drink water consistently, hydrate yourself so the heat released by the muscle to keep up with you while you run is regularized and prevented from rising too high. Being thirsty affects your running endurance so always be mindful of your liquid intake.

Don’t go out there if you haven’t eaten the right amount of food. Runners tend to skip breakfast for the reason that they want to start early. But the night before, the stomach has already consumed the food stored from last night meal since it never stops its grinding process. They won’t realize what they’ve missed until they find out later during the run. It is still best to follow what moms always say; breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Having said all these main running nutrition tips, we still need one more ingredient to mention. A balanced natural supplement intake is the best way to complete your running nutrition list. But don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like a natural, well-balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and other non-processed foods. Anti-oxidants supplement runner’s normal dietary intake. So go ahead, grab that apple!

– Maui Aguilar