Marathon Training Synopsis – Week 6

Another week down and I have logged some serious kilometers this past week. According to the Garmin, here were my stats:

Total Distance: 54.63-K
Total Running Time: 4:42:04
Average Pace: 5:09 /km
Total Calories: 4359

I pretty much blew the calories this weekend as it was Easter – oh well. The runs were fine, except for Fridays which I talked about in my last post.

This weeks run starts on Sunday with a shorted long run of 16-k which I am looking forward to doing. It will be a nice change after last weeks 23-k. I make a real push at increasing the mileage over the next few weeks. I feel that my speed is improving and this will be a real test of how I can sustain that at the longer distances. Bring it on…