Legs Like Dead Weights

My run yesterday was one of those runs where it felt like I was schlepping around two dead weights. You know the feeling, your turnover feels super slow and the fir the whole run you can actually feel the weight of your quads as you lift your feet off the ground. It sure made for a long run.

I never really came up with a good strategy to deal with this. If I ran slower it was actually worse because I did not have the momentum. If I ran faster, it was no better as my legs began to burn quicker than usual. I thought about packing it in a bit sooner but the obsessive compulsive in me did not let that happen as I knew I had to finish 11-K or I just would not feel right.

So I persevered and ended up finishing the run and was proud of myself for doing so. I guess sometimes we just have these types of runs and rather than give up, it is probably better to continue on and finish. After all, in a race we can’t just give up because our legs feel heavy. No way.