Marathon Training Synopsis – Week 5

I finished week 5 of my 18 week training program and I definitely feel like a stronger, more confident runner. I ran a total of 52-K with an average pace of 5:37, which is slightly slower than last week’s average pace. I did run about 11-K more this week so I cannot complain.

I started the week doing pretty much a half-marathon which felt good – I ran it much slower than I would have run a race but the whole point of the run was to ensure that I am building up endurance. I was tired once I was done, but not like I would have been had I run it as a race.

The Tuesday and Thursday runs stayed the same as last week (4.8-K), but the Wednesday and Friday runs have jumped up to 11-K. This is a lot to do during the lunch hour, so as I think I mentioned before I have started to get these runs done before work. My routine is that I head downtown at about 4:45 am, get my weight training in (got to build the guns!) and then head out for my run. It is very refreshing and energizing for the day. Makes for a pretty early bedtime however.

You can see how this week played out in the chart below:

Weekly Training Synopsis