Marathon Training Synopsis – Week 4

Another week of marathon training is in the bag. This week was a ‘stepback’ week in that I cut my long Sunday run down to get ready for the push over the next few weeks of training.

Weekly Training Synopsis

You will see from the image above, Tuesday and Thursday’s runs were the same as they have been since week 1 – a nice and quick 4.8-K. These runs do not actually move up in mileage until a couple of weeks from now. Wednesday and Friday’s runs were the same as last weeks – 9.6-K runs. I ran these a bit slower as it just felt better. I was supposed to run Friday’s at marathon pace but I just couldn’t pull it out. Oh well, I will go for it next week. The Sunday run (last Sunday) was a short long run at 13-K. It was actually nice to run that one as it only took me a little over an hour to complete. My wife was very pleased.

During this next week, I start to push my mileage up – today it started with a long 21-K which felt good but I am definitely feeling it now. I am looking forward to the rest of the week. I think that because the Wednesday and Friday runs are longer at 11-K I will attempt to run them before work so I don’t take up any of my work time – this is a pretty long run for a lunch hour.

Oh, and one more exciting thing (at least for me)!!! I bought a new pair of shoes. My old pair, which I bought in September 2005 logged 906-K. This was actually too long as I should have got new ones at about 800-K. The last time I did that I ended up with an injured heal. I bought Nike Air Vomero’s. They are very similar to my last pair and are intended for high mileage runners. I am wearing them now and the feel great. You can see them here:

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