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Back from My Business Trip – Got My Running In

I am officially back from my trip and did manage to get my running in – although I ended up running much shorter on Sunday than I was supposed to. My scheduled distance was 26-K but I only managed to get in 13-K. In my view, that is better than nothing. While in Toronto, I got my Tuesday run of 6.4-K run in and then ran my 13-K on Wednesday night when I got back into town. I feel good about this and have stopped beating myself up over my shortened run on Sunday.

The key thing was that I got at least some of the run in. I am now fully back on schedule and feeling good.

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Posted by The Running Guy - April 27, 2006 at 7:40 pm

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Running and Travelling

I have to go to Toronto on business this week and am a bit worried about my running schedule. I am supposed to run a 26-K run tomorrow and then a run on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have spend some time in T.O. before but not when I was a runner. I know down by the lake there is a whole network of trails, but I have no odea what they are like in terms of safety, length, etc. I am hoping my hotel concierge will be able to help me out.

My strategy is to do what I can and not focus too much on the distances. Something will be better than nothing.

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Posted by The Running Guy - April 22, 2006 at 7:01 am

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Marathon Training Synopsis – Week 6

Another week down and I have logged some serious kilometers this past week. According to the Garmin, here were my stats:

Total Distance: 54.63-K
Total Running Time: 4:42:04
Average Pace: 5:09 /km
Total Calories: 4359

I pretty much blew the calories this weekend as it was Easter – oh well. The runs were fine, except for Fridays which I talked about in my last post.

This weeks run starts on Sunday with a shorted long run of 16-k which I am looking forward to doing. It will be a nice change after last weeks 23-k. I make a real push at increasing the mileage over the next few weeks. I feel that my speed is improving and this will be a real test of how I can sustain that at the longer distances. Bring it on…

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Posted by The Running Guy - April 16, 2006 at 8:27 pm

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Legs Like Dead Weights

My run yesterday was one of those runs where it felt like I was schlepping around two dead weights. You know the feeling, your turnover feels super slow and the fir the whole run you can actually feel the weight of your quads as you lift your feet off the ground. It sure made for a long run.

I never really came up with a good strategy to deal with this. If I ran slower it was actually worse because I did not have the momentum. If I ran faster, it was no better as my legs began to burn quicker than usual. I thought about packing it in a bit sooner but the obsessive compulsive in me did not let that happen as I knew I had to finish 11-K or I just would not feel right.

So I persevered and ended up finishing the run and was proud of myself for doing so. I guess sometimes we just have these types of runs and rather than give up, it is probably better to continue on and finish. After all, in a race we can’t just give up because our legs feel heavy. No way.

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Posted by The Running Guy - April 15, 2006 at 8:39 am

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What is Up with Nipples and Running?

If you are a guy and you have run for any extended period of time, then you will be very familiar with what I am about to talk about. If you are woman, then I have no idea if you go through the same thing but I suspect you do.

I made my nipples bleed the other day. That’s right – my nipples. Not something you hear everyday, and before I was even a runner I did not know that a guy’s nipples could bleed. I mean, I guess it makes sense that they can but it is not something I spend even an iota of time thinking about.

My nipple problem seems to flare up when I run in the rain. There is something about getting my shirt and jacket wet and the friction that creates to rub me just enough to open them up. I never really notice it while I am running – adrenaline, serotonin, whatever – but after I finish, take my shirt of and get down to some relaxation the burning hits me. You know the feeling – a pain that does not go away because if you put a shirt on the rubbing continues the irritation you and if you go shirtless the air freakin’ burns. No escape from the pain. I won’t even go into what happens when you get in the shower and the water pelts your nipples like a shotgun bringing a grown man close to tears.

I tried to explain the situation to my wife, but she had no sympathy explaining that our two kids took a round out of her when they were breastfeeding. This situation is not really something you discuss with the guys – “hey Frank, how are your nipples?” That could bring a guy more trouble than just bleeding nipples.

So here I am writing about my pain, using the only outlet I know of to talk openly about the plight of the male runner.

After a bit of research, I have discovered that there is some help. Some companies, although somewhat covertly, advertise and sell body chaffing reduction devices that more often than not never refer to the nipple for fear of offending someone. Other suggestions out there are to smear Vaseline on them, but then you are just a guy running around who looks like you are lactating. The best solution for me – the band-aide. I just stick a couple of these on and wa ‘la – no more bleeding nipples. At least until I forget to put them on and head out for a run in the rain….

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Posted by The Running Guy - April 11, 2006 at 7:58 pm

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