Marathon Training Synopsis – Week 3

Had a good week of training with excellent mileage and good average pace being logged.

Sunday: A comfortable 18-K run at a slower pace. The goal of this run was to get some good mileage at a comfortable pace – essentially to get the legs used to running longer distances.
Monday: Off
Tuesday: A fast run a of about 4.8-K. My Garmin was showing only 4.65 but I know it was 4.8. The watch seems to have some trouble downtown, especially when it was as cloudy as it has been in Calgary.
Wednesday: This week began the steady increase of mileage to be completed during the weekdays. Today was an awesome 9.6-K run that felt awesome. Over the next few weeks the Wednesday and Friday runs will increase in length. This will be a challenge to complete as my work commitments will no doubt make these runs difficult to get it.
Thursday: Another 4.8-K (again with the watch reading wrong downtown), this time at a slow pace. This run was a struggle as I was tired and not into the run.
Friday: The second longer run during the weekdays. This was a great run – I ran fast and it felt great. I went 9.6-K.

Weekly Training Synopsis

This was a good week of training and I felt that I became a stronger runner as a result. The next number of weeks will be challenging as the mileage increases.

As a follow up to this post, I had a body fat test done at the gym I weight train at on Friday morning. The result – 16.5% body fat. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition I am well within acceptable guidelines. As I can’t see abs yet, I am not at my goal but I will get there. It may take awhile but I will do it.

Body Fat Guidelines