Running and Weight Loss

Although I love the sheer act of running and the high that I get after completing an especially long run, one of my primary motivations for running is to become a lean mean runnin’ machine. Notice I did not say lose weight – what I am looking for is reducing my body fat and increasing my muscle.

I did some research on the best way to achieve this and came across a good article by the Serpentine Running Club. Their summary of the steps to manage body fat is as follows:

1. To lose fat, you need to eat fewer calories or burn more energy
2. Don’t diet: run instead.
3. Don’t begin a diet and start to run at the same time
4. To lose more body fat, exercise more
5. Rebalance what you eat
6. Drink plenty of water
7. Focus on your body fat, not your weight
8. Running more slowly will not burn more fat
9. Exercising part of the body does not reduce the fat in that part of the body
10. Don’t overdo it

I have contacted the fitness club I work out at and have asked to schedule a body composition analysis. During this analysis, they will take a number of measurements, including body fat percentage. My plan is to have this done every month to track my progress through my training. I will report on that within this blog (including some pictures I hope!)