Missing a Scheduled Run

I, as usual, had a crazy day at work. My days are usually filled with meetings and today was no exception. Usually I try to run at lunch, but today I ended up having to conduct an unscheduled interview over the lunch break that made it impossible to get out for my run.

This was a very stressful for me. I love to get my runs in and feel guilty if I don’t. It is not an obsessive thing or anything like that (ok, maybe a little bit) but coming from where I have come from – 60 pounds heavier and unable to run even 2 and 1’s – it is very important that I do not let my schedule slip.

I did however manage to get my run in anyway. My wife was kind enough to “let” me go out before dinner. I completed the 4.8-K and feel much better. Now if my day will only go as planned tomorrow so that I can get the scheduled 8-K in…