Motivation to Run – Eat a lot of Crap

Sometimes the best motivation to run is eating a lot of crap during the weekend. This weekend was one of celebration as my son turned 5 and we had family and friends with us. Of course that meant there was a lot of food – chips, dips, pop,etc.

Although I was a little worried about how my run was going to go, and it took a little extra energy to will myself to get out there, I went for my 16-K Sunday long run. Knowing I had some extra calories to burn off made it that much easier – it was an awesome run.

I ran slow (average pace = 6:00 minute kilometer) and listened to an audiobook on my iPod. The first few km’s were a bit rough but I got into a rhythm and I started to feel like I was before my week and a half break. About time! The cool thing was I burned about 1200 calories. Give me another piece of cake.