Weekly Training Synopsis – Week 1

Although I still have tomorrows run of 16-K to complete, this weeks training is almost done. Couple the training with an extremely hectic week at work and you can safely say that I am bagged.

Tuesdays run of 4.8-k was ok. Wednesday’s 8-K was brutal. I don’t know what it is about taking a week and a half off but it was like I was a new runner. Before the little “break” I could run and 8-K with out even breaking a sweat. The same was true for Friday’s 8. I actually had to stop and walk for a bit. I also did a 4.8-K on Thursday. Let’s just say I enjoyed the shorted runs better. The one thing that is some solace is that I have focused on up’ing my speed.

I hope next weeks training goes a bit better. I am confident it will.