Lunchtime Running

Running over the lunch hour helps me accomplish a couple of different things.

1. It allows me to get my runs in at a convenient time of the day. With a couple of kids and busy job etc. my time is always at a premium so making sure I maximize all hours of day is crucial. Getting my run in at lunch allows me to spend time with my family as well as focus on work in the mornings when I am most productive.

2. Relieves stress better than anything I have ever tried. My job is extremely demanding with every minute I am at the office being totally consumed with calls, vmail, email, meetings, etc. This is very stressful as I strive to meet my client’s needs in a timely and effective manner. Getting away for an hour at lunch to run completely recharges my mind and prepares me for the afternoon. It also allows me to solve some problems and identify creative solutions for issues that I many not have come up with without my run.

Overall, if I were to recommend a time for anyone to run, it would be at lunch. However, keep this in mind. It takes even MORE discipline to make sure you get your runs in as it can be very easy to say that you are too busy to do that run. I actually schedule it into my Outlook calendar and treat it like an appointment. Works for me.