Hal Higdon Marathon Training Plan

I have started to do some thinking about my upcoming marathon in July and how I am not even close to ready yet. I ran about 20-k yesterday as training for my half-marathon coming up and although I made it through, I could not image doing another 20-k to finish out the marathon.

Hal Higdon, author of many books and frequent contributor to Runner’s World, has a great site that includes so much information on training that at first it is overwhelming.

The training plan that I am going to use is his Marathon Intermediate I program. I like the way he has broken it out, being as specific as possible to ensure that I don’t let emotions or my own “judgment” come into play. This being said, of course I am going to listen to my body and cut back if it too much. I don’t foresee any problems however and am looking forward to it.

Let me know what programs you have used in the past…