Holly Crap It’s Been a While

I admit it…it has been a while since my last post. My excuse(s): Running, work, Christmas.

Yes, I have been running a lot (for me). 5 days a week – about 40 K. Plus, as I mentioned before, I have a new job and it is consuming a lot of time. Add this to a 4 and 2 year old getting ready for Christmas and you have a recipe for a busy life. But I am back and plan to post at least once a week going forward.

My training has been going well, except for this week which I have given to myself as a week of rest. I ran yesterday for about 8 K and it felt alright – a little stiff but alright. My plan is to do one more run over the next couple of days and then return full-bore into my training schedule next week. I am still training hard for the half-marathon in February and marathon in July.

I have had a couple of firsts in my running career. First, I no longer do 10 and 1’s. I just decided one day to stop doing them and never really looked back. I admit it was a bit tougher at first but I have gotten used to doing it. Second, I had my longest run ever a couple of weeks back. This same run was also the longest duration I have run – EVER. I ran 20 K in 2 hours. It felt awesome. I know I am ready for the half.

My sister and brother in-law got me a new book for Christmas – Chi Running . I will report on it once I am done going through it. I think I will like it because there seems to be a lot of emphasis on going faster and going longer – something I am very passionate about.