An Update: My New Job and My New Running and Weight Routine

Wow, long time no post. Sorry about that. My life is crazy right now as I started a new job last week with a Calgary based Oil and Gas company and between that, the kids, and my training I have not had time to post to any of my blogs.

I have adjusted my schedule a bit. As I mentioned last post I have started working out with weights again and it is going well. I am also training for the half-marathon. It feels good.

Here is how my week of training looks:

Training Schedule
Monday AM Weights (chest) Monday Lunch Rest
Tuesday AM Weights (Back) Tuesday Lunch Run 4 – 6 K
Wednesday AM Weights (Shoulders) Wednesday Lunch Run 4 – 6 K
Thursday AM Weights (Bis, Legs) Thursday Lunch Run 4 – 6 K
Friday AM Weights (Tris) Friday Lunch Rest
Saturday Run 7 – 8 K
Sunday Long Run (10+)

I know it looks like a lot but so far it is feeling good. At the first sign of over-training I will cut back.

I have moved my runs from morning to lunch basically because it is so damn dark and cold first thing in the morning. Where I am living right now has no street lights so the 5:00 am runs can be a bit scary and dangerous (never know when I might run into a coyote or slip on the uneven trail). It is also nice running downtown at lunch as there are LOTS of people running and it is good motivation.

I hope to post a bit more frequently next week so I will be able to tell you how it is going. Who knows, with all this training maybe Men’s Health magazine will call me up for a cover shot!!!