Working Out with Weights Again

This past week I started to work out with weights again and let me tell you, I am in a great deal of freakin’ pain. Not pain like it hurts and I need to do to the doctor, but the pain one gets after pushing your muscles too far.

As an illustration, I went out for a 10-K run this morning and as I started out I could not believe the uncomfortable feeling I was experiencing as my pectoral muscles were bouncing up and down (reminder – I am a guy; note – guy’s pecs do bounce up and down a bit when running). Then there was the issue of my hamstrings. On Friday I did what I thought was a pretty light round of deadlifts but let me tell you, those ‘light’ sets had a real impact and I could not run as fast as I wanted to.

It would have been pretty easy to stop at that point but I didn’t because I obviously had an impact on my muscles and that is what lifting weights is all about. As a result of this pain I will get stronger and ultimately improve my running. That is why I am lifting weights after all (and to look like a buffed god of course). I can’t wait until Monday to hit the gym again and see what further pain I can inflict on myself…