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The Business of Running

Running is big business. Just look at the number of ads for shoes out there, Garmins and other GPS devices, as well as the many different options for organized training that exists. In 2002, there was an estimated10,485,000 runners who ran at least 100 days in the year. In addition, the running/jogging shoe industry sold $2.71 billion in 2002. That is a lot of shoes. And I would bet that these numbers are even higher now.

From a pure business perspective, I like the way that the Running Room has grown its business. There is a wonderful case study here in the power of focusing on the building of a community rather then just the business of selling runners and other accessories. Many runners visit a Running Room store at least twice a week for the Wednesday and Sunday runs. These runs are open to anyone. In addition, many runners come in one other night to attend their clinic. What an amazing way to build traffic through the store – at least one of these persons is going to buy something.

A friend I brought out this morning to the run was amazed at the community of runners that exists. I believe it finally convinced him to join me in my half-marathon clinic. That is one more clinic participant and I can almost bet, one more customer for a $120 – $200 pair of runners.

Note: Rereading this post it appears that I may have some sort of affiliation with the Running Room. I assure you that the only affiliation I have is through this website, where I provide a link to their products and receive a commission if a purchase is made online. I do not work for the Running Room in any other way – I am just amazed at the business model and how successful it has been.

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Posted by The Running Guy - October 16, 2005 at 6:45 pm

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Weight Training and Running

I must admit that I have not weight trained since I started running. I find that I do not have a lot of time to fit in weight training as well as running (I guess I could weight train instead of blogging, but where is the fun in that!). However, I have been thinking that I really should try to do it for the following reasons:

  1. It will help with muscle toning to make me look more buff
  2. It will increase my metabolism as muscle needs more energy to build and feed them
  3. It will help provide power to the legs to make you run faster and stronger
  4. It rounds out the training – provides some variety to keep those muscles guessing

As I am going through some personal upheaval in my life – building a new house, moving out of an old house into a temporary house until new house is complete – I am going to wait until things settle down before I take on weight training. However, I am going to continue to train to my half-marathon schedule to ensure I am ready for February. As soon as I come up with my full weight training game plan I will post about it here and track my progress for y’all to see.

Do you other runners out there find you increase your running performance with weight training? What works best? Let me know by commenting below…thank you in advance for the assistance.

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Posted by The Running Guy - October 13, 2005 at 9:17 pm

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Man Dies While Doing a 10-K

Sorry about the potentially downbeat topic here, but I came across this article about a 70 year old man who died doing what he loved – running.

I wanted to post this for no other reason that to highlight the fact that this gentleman was 70 years old and still racing. He was out there trying his best but it just happened to be his time during this race. I sincerely hope that when I am 70, I too am still running.

I hope that the media does not talk about this in terms of asking why this man was still running at his age, trying to put a negative spin on it. They need to portray it for what it is…motivation for continuing our sport so that we too can still run late into our years.

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Posted by The Running Guy - October 12, 2005 at 9:14 pm

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The Marathon Is Going Mainstream

I have been reading a number of articles over the past few weeks about the “mainstreaming of the marathon”. This article mentions it, this one does, as well as this one.

So what is driving marathon participation up? These articles talk about the usual health benefits, friendship, and the ability to raise money for whatever cause the particular run is organized for. As a result of this reading I began to wonder why I, at this time in my life, have decided to complete a marathon in July 2006. What is happening in the world today that has influenced me to take up the challenge at the same time record numbers of people are also signing up?

I believe that people are hearing the ever-increasing warnings of the perils of our North American lifestyle. Movies like Super Size Me and the countless articles in our newspapers talking about the rising trend of obesity has had a definite impact on people’s concern for their health. These runners want to be healthier. This is a huge reason I wanted to complete a marathon – I was worried that all the training that I have done over the past few months to lose 40+ pounds would be lost if I didn’t focus on new goals to complete a half and a full. Running has made me healthier and it would be very upsetting if I lost that.

I also believe that running is a sport that is very accessible. There are few “barriers to entry” – other than a good pair of shoes you don’t need much else to train. A person can run whenever it fits into their lifestyle. It can be done alone or with a partner. Our lives just keep on getting busier and busier and a sport like running can easily fit in with a little planning and some dedication.

It is for these reasons – worrying about poor health and the accessibility of running – that I think running has gone mainstream. Raising money for causes is a positive impact that I am glad is happening. What do you think is driving the increase in popularity?

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Posted by The Running Guy - October 11, 2005 at 10:47 pm

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Supportive Spouses of Runners

My wife is very supportive of my running. It is tough though. I can run up to 5 days per week and some of those days can be right after work at one of the busiest times of her day. We have two kids – a four year old and a two year old.

I try to do as much of my training before work in the morning. My reasons are simple:

  1. I enjoy morning running
  2. It can be the only time during the day that I may get a chance to get my run in

However, on the days that I run in the evening it is usually during one of my running clinic nights or a group run with a number of Running Room runners. The issue is that these runs start at 6:30 pm which is a very busy time with kids. Dinner happens around this time as well as the craziness that occurs when you try to convince a 2 year old that it is time to put the PJs on. They will do everything in their power to avoid this. The 4 year old is a bit better, but for some reason he usually decides that this is the best time to chase the dog all through the house, getting both himself and the dog all riled up. My wife tends to need me the most during this period as she is at her ropes end after a day with the kids. Therefore, when I head out the door to enjoy some lovely leisure time running it can be a bit difficult for her. But she puts up with it.

I asked her why. Her response was simply that she knows how important my running is to me. Amazing. You don’t find that type of support everyday and I realize how lucky I am. I imagine a weekend away is in order pretty soon.

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Posted by The Running Guy - October 10, 2005 at 7:40 pm

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