Training for Runs While Travelling

This weekend I am heading north to Edmonton to see some family and attend a 1 year Halloween birthday party for some good friends of ours. I was speaking with another friend of mine today and of course we were talking about running. He said he found it very difficult to train when he traveled just because it was difficult to schedule it in. Things always seem to come up that derail the best laid plans.

Of course, this got me all worked up and the addictive compulsive in me has been mapping out exactly when I am going to get my runs in. I am slated to run on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will be a bit shorter at about 5-K and Sunday will be longer at 10-K. My plan is to run first thing each morning, before the kids wake up. Nothing is scheduled at this time and I should have no problem ‘squeezing’ my runs in. We’ll see – I will let you know how it works out.