Running with a Faster Pace Group

A post over at Runner’s Life about running with a particular pace group got me thinking about my own running over the past few weeks. I commented on this post that the opposite effect happens to me – I often find that I push myself to run with a faster pace group during group runs than I do when I run on my own. I have not been involved in a clinic since my 10-K group finished up near the end of September. As such, the majority of my runs have been on my own and my Garmin read-outs are definitely showing a slower average pace.

I am glad I start a new clinic next week – training for the half-marathon in February. This will allow me to run with a group more frequently and I can once again start to focus on running a bit faster. I do need to learn how to push myself to run a bit faster during my individual runs, but for now I will let the groups push me along.