Weight Training and Running

I must admit that I have not weight trained since I started running. I find that I do not have a lot of time to fit in weight training as well as running (I guess I could weight train instead of blogging, but where is the fun in that!). However, I have been thinking that I really should try to do it for the following reasons:

  1. It will help with muscle toning to make me look more buff
  2. It will increase my metabolism as muscle needs more energy to build and feed them
  3. It will help provide power to the legs to make you run faster and stronger
  4. It rounds out the training – provides some variety to keep those muscles guessing

As I am going through some personal upheaval in my life – building a new house, moving out of an old house into a temporary house until new house is complete – I am going to wait until things settle down before I take on weight training. However, I am going to continue to train to my half-marathon schedule to ensure I am ready for February. As soon as I come up with my full weight training game plan I will post about it here and track my progress for y’all to see.

Do you other runners out there find you increase your running performance with weight training? What works best? Let me know by commenting below…thank you in advance for the assistance.