Supportive Spouses of Runners

My wife is very supportive of my running. It is tough though. I can run up to 5 days per week and some of those days can be right after work at one of the busiest times of her day. We have two kids – a four year old and a two year old.

I try to do as much of my training before work in the morning. My reasons are simple:

  1. I enjoy morning running
  2. It can be the only time during the day that I may get a chance to get my run in

However, on the days that I run in the evening it is usually during one of my running clinic nights or a group run with a number of Running Room runners. The issue is that these runs start at 6:30 pm which is a very busy time with kids. Dinner happens around this time as well as the craziness that occurs when you try to convince a 2 year old that it is time to put the PJs on. They will do everything in their power to avoid this. The 4 year old is a bit better, but for some reason he usually decides that this is the best time to chase the dog all through the house, getting both himself and the dog all riled up. My wife tends to need me the most during this period as she is at her ropes end after a day with the kids. Therefore, when I head out the door to enjoy some lovely leisure time running it can be a bit difficult for her. But she puts up with it.

I asked her why. Her response was simply that she knows how important my running is to me. Amazing. You don’t find that type of support everyday and I realize how lucky I am. I imagine a weekend away is in order pretty soon.

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