I Just Kept on Running

Usually when I run I go out with a set distance in mind. This morning that distance was 6-K. At first it was a bit tough to get going, since it was Saturday morning at 6:45 AM (I have 2 kids – those of you with kids will understand). I had my brand spankin’ new iPod Nano on listening to KFI’s The Tech Guy as a Podcast. The sun was just starting to have a real effect on the light, the air was crisp but not cold and I was feeling great. As I came up to the 6-K mark something inside me said to just keep going and I did.

These types of runs happen to me every once in awhile where I just feel like running more. Not because of the fitness benefits or the extra training, but just because I am having such a good run that I would hate to stop. Kind of reminds me of Forest Gump – I just ran. I only ran for an extra 2.5-K but it was enough to ‘savor’ the run and enjoy being out there. I felt great.

Let me know of your experiences with these types of runs where you just feel like continuing on. What does it feel like? What are the ‘instigators’ that push you that extra distance? Please feel free to comment.

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