Signed Up for A Marathon

I bit the bullet last night and signed up for the Calgary Marathon on July 9, 2006. I am excited and nervous at the same time.

Excited at the prospects of completing a marathon to gain the bragging rights that I have done it and the fitness level it will provide me.

Nervous because I may be pushing it. As you will know from reading my blog, I have recently just completed my first 10-K run in September and am running my first half-marathon on February 12, 2006. Based on the Running Room book that I have, Running: Start to Finishthe recommended training schedule to finish the race is set out for 16 weeks. This means that my training will need to start on March 19th. Basically, that gives me 5 weeks to recover from my half which is ok, but I really have no idea how the half will affect me.

Is this too much for new runner? I can very comfortably run a 10-K now and I know that the half will be tougher but I am very confident that I will be able to complete it. I would love to hear other runners thoughts on this schedule. Please comment and let me know – am I crazy?