Carnival of Runners – This Weeks Theme: Variety

First off, as my site is pretty much brand new and this is the first time many of you will have visited I think an introduction is in order.

My name is Jeremy and I am a running addict. Although a new one, I have such an intense thirst for running that my wife is calling herself a running widow. I recently completed my first race – a 10K in Banff, Alberta called Melissa’s Road Race and am looking forward to completing a half-marathon in February of 2006. Training for this event will be handled by my local Running Room in Calgary (Shawnessy). The extra intensity required to complete this event will be a challenge but it is one that I am looking forward to.

Well, enough about me. Let’s go through some of the topics being discussed out there in running blog world:

No matter what you consider to be a long run, everyone must find ways to recover effectively. Lori at North to AK has a few tips and it involves something called Super AO that attacks free radicals in the body, JointFlex, and a good hot jacuzzi bath. Tammy gave Yoga a try to help her knees and as proof that recovery can occur even after surgery on both knees, Aaron is going to Kelowna to run his first race since going under the knife.

There were quite a few people who completed some huge milestones this past weekend. Brent is a marathoner and is super proud. Ellie confirmed her super-human abilities as an ultra-distance triathlete and Dawn and Karen completed the Waldorf XC Race in Calgary. Well done all of you.

We all want 15 minutes of fame and it seems that at least one of us is getting his share. Brent D. was published by his local ABC TV station in a list of local Nashville bloggers – he is the first blog on the list.

Some of us have so much energy we feel the need to complete a number of things in one weekend. Citizen Frank managed to complete a 5K at a record pace and a Army 10 Miler 14 minutes faster than his goal. He even managed to catch Alabama spank Florida. Not a bad weekend – way better than spending the weekend moving furniture to a new home like I did.

Finally, there is a great way to tell everyone who is running what race. has posted the Running Blog Family Race/Event Calendar where you can enter your upcoming races and we all can view who is running what race in the “Upcoming Racers” sidebar.

That should about do it for this week. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you thought – I can only get better!!!

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