Some days are harder than others. Over the past two mornings, I had no problem getting up for about 5:30 am and heading out on my runs. Given, my training program has me running pretty light right now but it still was easy to get up and get going. Today was another story. I did not get out of bed to run. Part of the reason is that I plan to go running with my old clinic group this evening after work. The other reason was that I felt I just need to get that extra hour or so. So why do I feel so guilty right now?

My motivation for running touches on a couple of different areas: the joy of breathing in the fresh air, the feel of accomplishment after completing the run, the impact on my health (weight loss and general health), and the stress release. When I miss a planned run I get upset. The thing that is bugging me most today is that even though I have a run planned for later on, I am worried that work will require me to miss it in order to meet a deliverable deadline that is looming for tomorrow. I probably should have run this morning to guarantee that I got a run in today. Damn work.

Maybe I am worrying too much about missing one day of training (potentially). But when it is missing out on something you love to do so much, it sucks!! Oh well, time will tell as I progress through today.

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