Signed Up for Half-Marathon Clinic – What to Do in the Mean Time

I have confirmed that I am signed up for the Half-Marathon clinic with the Running Room. As I have stated before, this clinic incorporates a training plan for the Hypothermic Challenge in February. I begin this clinic on October 25. I can’t wait to take this next step in my running “career”.

The question is, what do I do in the mean time to keep my training up? I just came off a 10-K race and I have a couple of weeks to go before the next clinic starts. Through signing up for the course, I have received a training manual that indicates what mileage we will be running and on what days. I am going to actually start the program now. The way the Running Room has structured this program is to start with low distances by running 5 days a week. This will be new for me as the most I have done is 4 runs per week, although not consistently. By starting now I don’t think I will jeopardize the training program at all and I will be that much more prepared to start the clinic on the 25th.

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